What to Bring

Amount listed is the recommended number.
Please label items with Cadets initials if possible.

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Amount Item Details
5 T-shirts PLAIN REQUIRED, used for PT and Sleeping, Yellow T-Shirts will be issued for daily use.
5 Black Shorts BLACK REQUIRED, athletic type of any material. Arrive at camp wearing black shorts.
No short shorts are permitted. Shorts with small striping on sides are acceptable.
10 Pair Underwear
2 Pair Athletic Shoes
10 Pair Black Socks BLACK REQUIRED
1 Pair Shower / Water Shoes
3 Towels Used for shower and pool
1 Swim Suit Boys: BLACK REQUIRED, shorts of any material
Girls: Solid DARK Color, one piece.
No tightfitting or “speedo” type swimsuits permitted as outerwear for boys or girls
1 Long sleeve shirt For water rescue course, worn in chlorine pool.
1 Long pants For water rescue course, worn in chlorine pool.
Amount Item Details
1 Bedding Sleeping bag or sheets
1 Pillow
1 Raingear Poncho or coat
1 Breathable Laundry Bag
1 Spray on suntan lotion
1 Bug repellent
1 Bathroom bag to hold daily hygiene items
(Showers are required daily)
1 Deodorant
1 Shampoo
1 Soap
1 Wash cloth
1 Toothbrush
1 Toothpaste
1 Hygiene products Gender specific
Misc. Miscellaneous items

NOT Permitted:

  • Candy / Gum
  • Jewelry Piercings (Piercings are NOT permitted to be worn for ANY reason)
  • Electronics (Examples: Cell Phone, Cameras, Radio, Videogames, Hair Dryer, anything requiring electric or battery power)
  • Food
  • Jewelry
  • Lighters/Matches
  • Make-up
  • Money
  • Unlisted Valuables
  • Weapons (Examples: Knives)

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