Cadet of Lancaster County is one of approximately twenty-seven Camp Cadet programs across the State of Pennsylvania.  The first Camp Cadet Program was initiated in 1970 by three State Troopers from Troop K Butler on the premise that something further should be attempted on behalf of the young persons in our Commonwealth.  At that time Troopers experience with the youth consisted of school presentations and juvenile arrests.

The Camp Cadet Program was designed to expose young people to the elements needed to allow for an orderly and law-abiding society. The camp helped develop qualities of discipline and self-esteem. The Cadets learned that what they did made a difference not only in their own lives but also in the lives of those living in the community. Today the Camp Cadet Program has expanded throughout our State.  There are approximately 27 individual nonprofit Camp Cadet organizations, each governed by a civilian Board of Directors and created for the purpose of sponsoring camps for children. Each Camp Cadet is incorporated in accordance with Pennsylvania Law and has been granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service. Each camp receives no State or Federal monetary support and survives solely on the funds generated through promotional activities and private contributions. Each camp operates independently in accordance with their respective bylaws and determines the number of “Cadets” who can be accommodated in each camp year. Camp Cadet of Lancaster County remains one of the few Camp Cadet programs that are FREE for the campers. It is with the hard work and dedication of our Board of Director’s fundraising efforts that makes this possible.